You Can Be A Life Coach

Boost Your Ability To Transform Lives & Generate A Respectable Income As A ‘Certified Life Coach’

If you’ve directly landed on this page, let me quickly introduce my self.

My name is Kamran Sultan and I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & a Life Coach. Since 1997 I have trained & coached thousands of people like you.

Give yourself next few minutes and read information on this page completely.

You will discover for yourself a sizzling opportunity and FREE gifts worth over US$.3500/ (over Rs.360,000) which will lead you to…

  • Freedom to work at your own pace
  • Tremendous personal & financial growth
  • Increase your ability to help people
  • Supercharge your communication skills
  • Acquire skills only a handful of people have
  • Higher creativity, more respect and recognition
  • Create results most others can not even imagine

One of the reasons I love being a life coach is that … in addition to be a good source of respectable income, life coaching enables you to make a significant impact in people’s lives.

I can not describe the sense of achievement & deep inner satisfaction you get when you are able to see people positively transform their lives and you are a part of it.

It’s simply priceless.

Think …

  • How much making transformative change appeals to you too?
  • How strongly do you desire to be someone who makes a positive difference?
  • How much do you want to enhance you capacity to earn a respectable income?
  • How much do you value personal freedom?

I invite you to join me in a small group and learn key distinctions & strategies used by the best in NLP™ & life coaching in the world.

Here’s More About This Amazing  Life Coach Training program…

Since 1997 as a trainer & coach, I have gained over 30,000 hours experience & skills that I regularly use to help my clients create results that they want.

However there is a HUGE unfulfilled demand for qualified & skilled life coaches, who can actually produce results.

In order to fill this growing demand for skilled life coaches, I have decided to do something amazing – but for a very limited number of people.

I am going to teach few hand picked people (you can be one), what it takes to become a successful life coach.

This is how…

First I am going to have you learn life coaching skills, techniques & strategies, used by the best life coaches then I am going to provide you necessary support you need to truly become a successful life coach.

The Life Coach Training is a 4 days intensive, individualized hands on training, PLUS 3 months online coaching & mentoring PLUS six months access to Conversations – my online group coaching sessions.

This means, you will join me in class for 4 days from Jun. 21-24, 2018 (Thursday-Sunday) in Karachi at my office and after that for next 3 months, I will personally give you two 90 minutes 1 to 1 online life coaching session (worth  US$350 x 6 session = US$2100/- Rs.252,000 plus) FREE so you will know exactly what it is like to get life coaching & transform your own life.

During 4 days of live training, you will be immersed in the most powerful life coaching strategies. You will discover the very best tools and strategies to create powerful results and lasting transformation.

That’s not all, I will give all participants online group coaching, mentoring sessions (worth US$ 750 Rs. 79,000 plus) twice a month for 3 months, to help you establish yourself as a coach.

These calls will help you integrate your learning at even deeper level PLUS you will get my personal feedback about your coaching practice.

In this way, you will be coached as you become a coach yourself.

That’s not all still, because I will give you FREE access to join CONVERSATIONS – my online group coaching sessions. (Worth over US$ 1,000/- Rs. 115,000 plus)

Throughout this program you will be doing many coaching skills building exercises and developing your competence & confidence as people’s helper.

You will develop confidence, to get powerful results for your clients, and build a thriving business as a coach.

One of my goals in this program is to advance your coaching skills to the level which otherwise may take you a year or more and do it in a very smooth fashion.

Since I keep group size small (under 10) each student gets personalized attention and support every step of the way.

You will be coaching people from day 1 of this program.

How will you learn?

You will learn through a combination of hands on coaching exercises, group activities, demonstrations, informative discussions, you will learn core principles & NLP™ strategies behind successful life coaching.

Using my 20 years of experience as trainer & coach, I have designed this program to help you to be a brilliant coach who can help clients with a variety of life issues.

Most importantly, you will have the chance to experience life coaching as I work one to one with each participant in front of you so you can have first hand experience & understanding of how NLP™ & Life Coaching actually work.

You will find this is the best way to gain what you need whether you are new to coaching, or you are a professional who wants to add coaching to your present abilities.

I will soak you in NLP™ based life coaching skills so that they become part of you at the CELLULAR level.

Special BONUS (Worth US$297) 

Since you are learning NLP™ based coaching models, it will help if you know basics of NLP™ .  To help you get started I will share with you my NLP™ Practitioner Home study videos (Worth US$297/-)  FREE as soon as you sign up for this program.

These videos will get you grounded in principles of NLP™ and prepare you for the class. You will learn what my NLP™ Practitioner level students learn in my classes.

Here’s the catch:

No, I am not ready to let you join this course yet, until you do one thing.

In order to qualify to be one of the participants of this program, you must be willing to rigorously apply the skills & strategies, as I will teach them.

You must commit to take action and apply what you learn with me, immediately.

I have worked hard to learn these skills & I continue to hone my craft and I can’t let anyone spoil my reputation.

It does not matter if you have the money to pay for this course. If you are not going to do what it takes, I will not allow you to join this course.  Is that OK with you?

How much is this worth to you?

How much is your exponential career growth,  personal success, peace of mind, higher respect worth to you?

What value can you put on that in monetary terms?

The value of coaching skills that you will learn – although priceless – can be conservatively estimated at US$1,000 (Rs.115,000 plus) per day. That’s US$4000 (Rs.460,000 plus)

Add to this my personalized 1 to 1 coaching, group coaching & mentoring sessions,  access to conversation sessions, and the special bonus (total worth over US$3500/- or Rs. 401,000 plus), you will agree that this training should cost over US$ 7,500 (over Rs.861,000).

However for this Life Coach Training program I have priced this entire course at only US$.3497/– (Rs.399,997) which I am sure you realize is an INCREDIBLE offer.

And when you register before May 21, you can save US$500 (Rs.57,500 plus) and pay just US$2997 (or Rs.341,997)

How to Register?

Before you register, let’s talk and explore your passion & qualifications to become a successful life coach. We will decide if this program is for you and if you are for this program. 

You can call me on +92-300-2198031 between 10:30 am to 5 p.m  (Pakistan time) on any day.