If YOU ARE COMMITTED to transform yourself by learning NLP, but find it a bit expensive; Here’s the opportunity you were waiting for…

To demonstrate your commitment & seriousness to yourself, take the next few minutes and read this message carefully and completely.

Because If YOU ARE COMMITTED, I have a solution for you!

This could be THE OPPORTUNITY YOU WANTED but didn’t get, until now.

You may know that my NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner training, are available as home study courses.

They’re called, New NLP Home Study & Advanced NLP Home Study course respectively.

These are 2 separate programs.

Here’s a bit more…

The New NLP Home Study

This course is more than 60 hours of power packed, mind boggling, life altering NLP training in 21 sessions.

In this course you will learn some of the most powerful NLP skills, such as how to…

  • Master your emotions and run your own brain
  • Easily create instant motivation and confidence
  • Instantly make people like and trust you
  • Become a more powerful communicator
  • Masterfully use language to your advantage
  • Develop greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life
  • Get to the heart of a communication easily
  • Develop keen observation skills
  • Make your other than conscious mind your best friend
  • Activate & align your internal resources to achieve success
  • Quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviors
  • Release negative emotions quickly
  • Hypnotize others
  • Overcome limiting behaviors e.g. fears, phobias
    and much more

If you already have these basic level skills you can go to the next level in learning with my

The ADVANCED NLP Home Study Course

This is more than 80 hours of deeper, intense, elite class ADVANCED NLP training in 27 sessions.

  • Modelling human excellence
  • Advanced language patterns
  • Advanced NLP techniques
  • Advanced Calibration skills
  • Advanced Anchoring
  • Advanced Submodality patterns
  • Working with beliefs
  • Working with values
  • Meta Programs
  • Advanced Strategies (Installations & changing)
  • PLUS a lot more

After taking ADVANCED NLP Course many of my students start offering short courses. To make it easier for you I give you complete material of two of our short training programs. (1) Multiply Your Income (2) Speed Reading Training. You will learn about these in the ADVANCED Course.

Together the New NLP home study & Advanced NLP home study programs are over 140 hours of incredibly powerful basic to advanced cutting edge NLP material.

These programs are partly Urdu and English.

At the completion of your course, you will receive a certificate of completion from “The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA)”

I can guarantee that no other NLP training in Pakistan, India or the whole middle east comes close to these courses in depth, breath & scope of application.

Behind this claim is more than 25 years of my professional experience that includes over 35000 hours training & coaching experience.

People who have taken these programs constantly report that this is a TRANSFORMING EXPERIENCE.

What’s the worth…

Tell me, What monetary value can you put on your exponential growth?

How much value would you place on life changing success skills that you can not learn in any school, college or university?

People like you, who attend my live NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner training pay $1497 and $1597 for these skills.

How much do you imagine I have invested in terms of time, effort and practice in addition to millions of hard earned rupees in getting training, traveling, to learn and master these skills?

By a rough estimate, my investment on learning newer things has been in excess of $20,000 in just last 5 years!

That’s quite a bit, when you realize that at one time I couldn’t buy a Rs.100 book, without saving money for days…sometimes skipping lunch and staying hungry.

I’m sharing this with you, just to let you know, that I understand how COMMITTED YOU MUST BE to get anywhere in life.

The regular investment for New NLP home study and ADVANCED NLP home study programs is $497 and $597 respectively.

This (regular investment) includes 6 group coaching sessions with me PLUS inclusion to my WhatsApp group for these courses.


Tell me, would you be willing to SHOW YOUR COMMITMENT and prove to yourself that YOU ARE READY to transform yourself?


As a test to see if YOU ARE COMMITTED, I’m giving you an offer to learn and TRANSFORM YOURSELF for less than 10% investment.

That’s right!

You can join The New NLP home study course for just $49 and/or Advanced NLP home study course for only $59!

Here’s the catch!

As I said, it’s a test to see that YOU ARE TOTALLY COMMITTED, you can get access to NEW NLP home study course for 21 days and if you have practitioner level skills you can take ADVANCED NLP home study course for 27 days.

This is sufficient time, for a committed person, to go through these programs.

This offer doesn’t include group coaching sessions or inclusion to my WhatsApp group.

If YOU ARE COMMITTED & READY to make the most of this opportunity now go to my website.


New NLP Home Study

To learn about the course content click here

To avail 21 days offer for $49 Sign up here

Advanced NLP Home Study

To learn about the course content click here

To avail 27 days offer for $59 Sign up here

I wish you a transformed life!

Kamran Sultan

Master Trainer of NLP & Life Coach

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