Mini NLP Courses

Watch the above video to learn about mini courses.

1. Beliefs for Success in NLP™ & Life

Commonly known as presuppositions of NLP™ are beliefs that every NLP™ practitioner uses. They are not limited to NLP™ but like NLP™ they can be applied in any area of life. Learn them and master them to be effective in NLP™ and LIFE!

2. Calibration - Sharpen Your Senses

Join this session and learn the most important NLP™ skill that enhances your awareness, makes you smarter, helps you improve your performance and relationships. Learn to use your senses powerfully!

3. Get People to Trust & Follow You!

Learn this powerful skill you need every time you connect with any other human being. Connect and influence people in your life like never before as you learn and apply these powerful lessons in your life.

4. Develop Powerful Communication Skills

Join this course and discover how to communicate with anyone at a deeper level by understanding how they process language. You will develop powerful communication skills and flexibility to get along with almost anyone you want.

5. Achieve Your Personal Best

Imagine being in a state of mind where even the hardest challenge becomes possible. In just under 21 minutes you will learn how you can achieve your personal best state anytime, anywhere in this session. Check it out!

6. Master Your Brain - Part 1 of 3 - Run Your Own Brain

Many people live likes slaves of their thinking. In this first of the three sessions you will learn NLP™ processes to run your own brain and master your own thinking easily. This is the key to making transformative changes in self and others. Go for it!

7. Master Your Brain - Part 2 of 3 - Change Preferences

Sometimes we like to eat or drink what it's bad for us (fries, soft drinks) and dislike something that's actually good (vegetables, milk). In this session you'll learn a powerful NLP™ process to change likes and dislikes easily. This process has unlimited uses.

8. Master Your Brain - Part 3 of 3 - Change Beliefs

To belief something is to take it as true, but if you take an imaginary limitation to be true, that becomes a serious hurdle.

In this third session you will understand, be able to identify and know how to change a beliefs in self and others.

9. Anchoring - The Art of Controlling States

Imagine you're in an important meeting and something happens that causes you to feel bad - this can spoil your meeting...BUT you just join your 2 fingers and suddenly regain control of your mind. This is what you learn to do in this mini course.

10. Making Profound Changes (MPC)- Part 1 - Time Lines

Learn how to use concept of time lines in making profound changes. In this session of MPC - Part 1, you will learn to elicit times lines and understand the steps used in making changes using time lines. This is powerful. Take this course if you are familiar with NLP™ & Hypnosis.

11. MPC - Part 2 - Negative Emotions

Negative emotions (e.g fear, anger, sadness etc.) spoil lives.

In part 2 of Making Profound changes you will understand emotions in depth and learn to work with negative emotions and be able to help a lot of people. Take this course only after MPC part 1.

12. MPC - Part 3 - Limiting Decisions

A Liming decision is a decision that we made in past that were appropriate at that time but no longer server us.

They become 'limitations' like limiting beliefs. In this part 3 of Making Profound Changes you will learn to work and release these decisions.

13. Communicate to Influence with Hypnotic Language

Master communicators, influencers and hypnotists use language in a very distinct manner that cause others to comply with their message more the time.

In this course you will learn those powerful patterns of communication used by hypnotist and sales elites.

14. Mastering Communication - The ADVANCED Patterns

Master communicators understand and utilize language that captivates listeners. In this ADVANCED course you will learn the advanced patterns of language. A basic understanding of language patterns is HIGHLY recommended before joining this program.

15. Precision Communication - Get to heart of an issue

Precision communication model (called The Meta model) is a powerful way to get to heart of any communication.

When you apply it to self you will find mental clarity and freedom from limitations. This is your defense against unwanted influences.