“DISCOVER The Secrets of Moving On In Your Life With Confidence, Conviction & Certainty”

Join My One Day Coaching Session Called,


Do you find it difficult when you want to…

  • Ask … for a raise, a client to buy, or for your own money back from a friend
  • Take actions necessary to get your goals.
  • Start or revive a relationship
  • Make important decisions
  • Reach out to people
  • Make a career shift
  • Trust people

or perhaps something else and you know that.

Let’s face it … humans do hesitate.

If you do it, you are not alone.

Hesitation is an unnecessary pause we take when we are operating from a mental state of uncertainty and doubt.

Hesitation results in … wasted opportunities, lost goals, lack of motivation, financial losses, frustrations, regrets, sadness, depression … in short a very painful life.

The question is…

Do you want to live with uncertainties or STEP UP™ in life and have a better future now?

Obviously, if you want to live in uncertainty, do nothing.

However, if you want to change and develop confidence, conviction and certainty STEP UP™ and join me in Karachi for one day coaching retreat I call, “STEP UP™”!

STEP UP™ is a small group coaching session in which we will explore ‘real’ reasons behind hesitation, breakthrough it and discover strategies to easily STEP UP™ whenever you want or need to.

STEP UP™ includes lots of fun filled learning activities designed to develop a deeper understanding of life experiences and ACHIEVE BREAKTHROUGH you need.

“Imagine how the story of your life will be positively different once you begin to STEP UP™ with confidence, conviction & certainty”

Walking On Broken Glass


STEP UP™ coaching is designed to condition your mind & body to TAKE ACTION with ease.

It provides you an opportunity to experience BROKEN GLASS WALK – that’s right, in this session you will get the opportunity to STEP UP™ and walk barefoot on broken glasses.  

This activity is designed to help you stay focused and STEP UP™ in spite of possible danger – which is a MUST ability for anyone who desires success in life.

Program Details:

  • Date : To be announced (Sunday)
  • Time : 10 am to 9 pm approx. (including breaks)
  • Venue : The First Institute of Dynamic Learning – Ground floor, 90-A, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi
  • Investment: Rs.18,997/- Only (Including meals, course material)
  • Group of 2 to 5 can pay Rs.16,997/- per person

How To Register?

It’s very simple and easy & there are several options. Select the one that suits you most.

i) You can transfer online or via ATM to “The First Institute of Dynamic Learning” account in Meezan Bank account.

ii) You can go and pay in any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd. near you.

iii) You can visit my office (in Karachi only) and pay. Please always Call me on 0300-2198031 or 021-34552392 before you visit my office.

If you take either first or second option just send me a message on What’s app or SMS on 0300-2198031 and I will forward you account details.

For any other information feel free to contact me on 0300-2198031 during working hours.