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Boost Your Ability To Transform Lives & Generate A Respectable Income As A ‘Certified Life Coach’

If you’ve directly landed on this page, let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Kamran Sultan and I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ & a Life Coach.

I am originally from Karachi, Pakistan but now I live in New Jersey, USA.

Give yourself next few minutes and read the information on this page completely.

You will discover for yourself a sizzling opportunity and FREE gifts worth over US$2,900/ which will lead you to…

  • Freedom to work at your own pace
  • Tremendous personal & financial growth
  • Increase your ability to help people
  • Supercharge your communication skills
  • Acquire skills only a handful of people have
  • Higher creativity, more respect and recognition
  • Create results most others can not even imagine

One of the reasons I love being a life coach is that … in addition to be a good source of respectable income, life coaching enables you to make a significant impact in people’s lives.

I can not describe the sense of achievement & deep inner satisfaction you get when you are able to see people positively transform their lives and you are a part of it.

It’s simply priceless.

Think …

  • How much making transformative change appeals to you too?
  • How strongly do you desire to be someone who makes a positive difference?
  • How much do you want to enhance you capacity to earn a respectable income?
  • How much do you value personal freedom?

I invite you to learn key distinctions & strategies used by the best in NLP™ & life coaching in the world.

Here’s More About This Amazing  Life Coach Training program…

Since 1997 as a trainer & coach, I have gained over 34,000 hours experience & skills that I regularly use to help my clients create results that they want.

However there is a HUGE unfulfilled demand for qualified & skilled life coaches, who can actually produce results.

In order to fill this growing demand for skilled life coaches, I decided to do something amazing – initially  for a few people only.

However I am opening doors to you should you choose to take your life, your skills and your income to a higher level. 

This is how …

I conducted a life coach certification, and I am providing you the opportunity to learn that at a fraction of cost that my live class students pay.

In this program, you are going to immerse yourself in learning & developing world’s most powerful life coaching skills, techniques & strategies.

PLUS you get necessary support you need to be a successful life coach.

This training is divided into 3 modules.

Each module leads you to the next level.

Module # 1 : Fundamentals Of NLP™ Coaching 

Your training starts as soon as you sign up now.

This is a foundation module. It is designed to give you conceptual understanding about coaching and lay a solid foundation for developing your skills.

Duration of each session will be 90 minutes.

It is a self paced program, which means you learn at your own pace an in comfort of your home. And since these are recorded sessions, you can watch them as many times as you need to master each segment. 

Over these 6 sessions, you will explore your strengths as a coach and develop a strong foundation for yourself and you will be ready for some practical hands on experience.

You will develop confidence in yourself so that you can conduct your first few coaching sessions before the end of this module and experience what it is like to be a life coach.

In these sessions you will learn…

  • What is life coaching?
  • What is NLP™ coaching?
  • Difference between coaching & therapy
  • What you are supposed to do as a coach
  • What your clients are supposed to do
  • Mindset of a successful life coach
  • 3 Key questions in coaching
  • 3 Powerful coaching models
  • Developing your vision
  • Exploring your strengths
  • Your basic coaching tools
  • Understanding people deeply
  • Four types of people
  • Your ideal client
  • Starting your coaching practice
  • Begin coaching your first clients
  • How to start a powerful coaching session
  • Plus a lot more

Watch a short clip from Module 1 Session 1


Module # 2: Strategies of Transformation 

This is a very important module.

Here over eight session, you will learn the key strategies you will be using in your coaching sessions with clients, you will work with.

During these sessions, you will be immersed in the most powerful life coaching strategies.

You will experience the very best tools and strategies to create powerful results and lasting transformation.

In this module you will learn…

Strategies covered include

  • Strategy 1: Elicit present story
  • Strategy 2: Finding the intent
  • Strategy 3: Metaphor – types, utilization and creation
  • Strategy 4: Identify & breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • Strategy 5: Develop a strong self belief
  • Strategy 6: Values – how and why coach around values
  • Strategy 7: The 3 Principles of mind, thought and consciousness
  • Strategy 8: Coaching around money
  • Strategy 9: Relationship Coaching
  • Strategy 10: Feedback for performance enhancement
  • Strategy 11: Accessing your best
  • Strategy 12: Overcoming limiting decisions

You will also learn…

  • Over 100 Powerful questions to create your vision exercise
  • 3 major issues people have
  • 4 Key components of change
  • How master coaches do it
  • How to delve deep into client’s story
  • How to do the inner work
  • Plus a lot more

Each session includes assignments and tasks designed to help you be more confident and work with real clients.

By the end of this module you will have your tools ready with confidence to conduct a powerful coaching session with your clients.

Module # 3: The Business of Coaching

Coaching is a business and a lucrative one but you must learn how it works if you want to be a professional life coach.

In this module you will learn how to …

  • Develop the mindset of a professional coach
  • Create your business model
  • Design your own coaching packages in 3 steps
  • Sell without selling coaching
  • Price your sessions
  • Design, market and conduct webinars
  • Apply proven marketing strategies for coaching
  • Create your own podcasts

In addition to business of coaching, you will integrate your coaching skills at even deeper level PLUS you will get my personal feedback about your coaching practice.

But That’s not all …

You will get …

BONUS # 1: Transform Yourself First

It is said, “You can’t know what it is like to be in love, until you fall in love”  and you can’t know what it is like transforming others until you’ve not transformed yourself first.

This is why, I give you three deep inner group coaching sessions. (Worth US$600). 

You can begin these right after you sign up, too!

How fantastic it will be to transform yourself as you learn to transform others and establish your business?

Having experienced NLP™ coaching yourself, you will know exactly what your clients feel as they get coaching from you.

You will become super confident on the process of coaching and speak with thunder as you coach others powerfully.

BONUS # 2 (Worth US$297) 

Since you are learning NLP™ based coaching models, it will help if you know basics of NLP™ .  To help you get started I will share with you my NLP™ Practitioner Home study videos (Worth US$297/-)  FREE as soon as you sign up for this program.

These videos will get you grounded in principles of NLP™ and prepare you for the class. You will learn what my NLP™ Practitioner level students learn in my classes.

BONUS # 3 (Worth $450)

You get instant FREE access to recordings of my online group coaching sessions called CONVERSATIONS. (Worth over US$ 450).

These group coaching sessions cover many topics, which you can use to model your own group coaching sessions.

  • How life works
  • Hesitation
  • Hard to say, “NO”
  • Too much on my mind
  • Believe Yourself
  • Making Decisions
  • Relationship Blues – I
  • Relationship Blues – II
  • Creating more time

How will you learn?

Using my 22 years of experience as trainer & coach, I have designed this program to help you to be a brilliant coach who can help clients with a variety of life issues.

At the end of each module, you will get a short evaluation test designed to test your understanding of the material presented. The objective is not to pass the test but to identify where you may need improvement or more clarity.

One of my goals in this program is to advance your coaching skills to the level which otherwise may take you a year or more and do it in a very smooth fashion.

I understand that you will need continuous support as you progress through the course and beyond it too.

For this I have created a special group of my Life Coaching Students, on WhatsApp. In that group you get direct coaching from me, on regular basis, you can post questions and ask for practice buddy as you progress through the course.

Here’s the catch:

No, I am not ready to let you join this course yet, until you do one thing.

In order to qualify to be one of the participants of this program, you must be willing to rigorously apply the skills & strategies, as I will teach them.

You must commit to take action and apply what you learn with me, immediately.

I have worked hard to learn these skills & I continue to hone my craft and I can’t let anyone spoil my reputation.

It does not matter if you have the money to pay for this course. If you are not going to do what it takes, I will not allow you to join this course.  Is that OK with you?

How much is this worth to you?

How much is your exponential career growth,  personal success, peace of mind, higher respect worth to you?

What value can you put on that in monetary terms?

The value of coaching skills that you will learn – although priceless – can be conservatively estimated at US$7,000

Add to this my personalized deep inner group coaching & mentoring sessions, access to conversation sessions, and the special bonuses, you will agree that this training should cost over US$ 11,000.

However for this Life Coach Training program I have priced this entire course at only US$.2497/– which I am sure you realize is an INCREDIBLE offer.

When I launched this program, as a live training, people who registered 3 months in advance paid at least US$ 1497/- only

BUT for now … I am offering this program for just $997/-

Let me summarize it all…

  • You get complete unedited recordings of 3 modules covering 12 strategies 
  • Three deep inner group coaching sessions that you can avail during next 3 months (Worth $600)
  • Complete NLP Home study course from 2015 (Worth $297)
  • Admission to my exclusive Life Coach Group on WhatsApp
  • Instant access to Conversation Sessions (Worth $450)

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