Client Testimonials

Having trained & coached thousands of people from all walks of life, I have too many testimonials to share. Here are some for you!

“Amazing instructor who goes over and beyond to provide students with high quality learning experience. The instructor is available for guidance even after the training and helps to clear the concepts and apply learning most effectively to one’s life” Shariq Anis, Islamabad, Pakistan

If you want to survive in this dynamic world, The First Institute of Dynamic Learning is your place. The amazing personality of Kamran Sultan who is always available to ensure that his students get up to date knowledge and skill set. A Master trainer with 20 plus years of experience of training under his belt, and tens of thousands of students, with whom he is still in contact and helping them. Your decision to join his tribe of knowledge will be one of the best decisions of your life.Abdul Rehman – Mindful Rants, Sialkot

“Alhamdulillah the personal coaching session with Sir Kamran Sultan opened doors to new perspectives for me. He made me think about what to do and how to do to make things better for me. He gave me a lot of time and asked questions that were really eye openers for me. I found out the points which I never paid attention to ever before. The session was a relief as I got my anger, frustration and anxiety released to an extent and learnt to address it. He made me think differently for the same situation & made me explore different choices that I could have opted for to make my life better. As a result of the session I found my self image getting lot better than before and my self feeling even stronger than before. I feel like looking forward to change things for myself and my kids. I feel hopeful now. I am very thankful to sir Kamran for being there to help me going deep down my own self”Erum Kamran – Turning point – Karachi

“I had one to one session with Kamran Sultan over Deep Inner Coaching. I had discussed in detail with him where I was lacking to spread light and vice versa. He did explain me in different angles through his skills, knowledge and diversified experiences. I would highly recommend him today or tomorrow when will have guidance personally or professionally, knock his services.” – Kashif Rehman – Edmonton Canada

“Initially it was difficult for me to take session in mid but there was no choice because we live in different time zone. when the the session started, it Continued for a quite longer time than expected. It proved to be an eye opening session for me. Coach tactfully made me realize where I m going wrong, where I need to work over myself without feeling stressed out. I am more happy for choosing to be coached and the coach I choose , Alhumdulillah” Safad Sabir – New Delhi, India

“The coaching sessions provided me with wonderful opportunities leading to self exploration and valuable insights. I have learnt a lot from Sir Kamran during all the courses that I did with him and same goes for the coaching sessions. If you need any help in opening the window of your mind then contact Mr. Kamran Sultan ASAP. Highly recommended”Ayesha Zia, Lahore

“Alhumdulillah it was amazing, MIND OPENING & thoughtful experience, I am liberated from the web of my doubtful, disturbing & negative thoughts & I am a confident person now & I strongly recommend to take Kamran Sultan sir as a Life coach”Farha Mansoor – Australia

“It was an awe inspiring experience under the guidance of sir Kamran Sultan which changed my perspectives towards life and people. It also helped me be a better version of self. JazakAllah sir for this exposure and journey towards awareness.”Huma Anwar, Karachi

“Kamran Sultan, he is master of his subject. I learned from him NLP Master practitioner and Life coaching skills. What I like about him 1. He practice what he preaches 2. He took the responsibility to make our class to understand, means he is responsible coach 3. After coaching, he gives live support if needed 4. He is approachable For more information just experience his class or free session”Kamran Ahmed, Abu Dhabi

“I have been trained by Sir Kamran as a licensed NLP practitioner back in 2018. Undoubtedly that was the best investment I made in terms of acquiring a certification. The entire 8 day training was knowledge and wisdom packed and truly had a life long lasting impact on me improving my decision making process, emotional support and learning tools and techniques to improve my relationships. I would highly recommend everyone to sign up for Sir Kamran’s courses.”Umme Kulsoom, Houston, USA

Kamran Sultan is an amazing instructor with 2 decades worth of experience in NLP, Hypnosis and Silva Mind Sciences. If you want to learn NLP in Pakistan do it from Kamran Sultan!”Aly Balagamwala – Karachi

“Alhamdulillah, the life coaching session with Kamran Sahab made me to improve my personality, how to deal with various life situations. Helped me to get insights on various aspects of life. And of course had my queries answered in a very comprehensive way. I recommend anyone who want to get going, to get clarity and move up in life to have One to One Life Coaching sessions with Kamran Sahab. Jazakallahu Khair Kaseeran”Syed Mutasim – Hyderabad – India 

“It was a fantastic session. Before this session, I was not confident, but After the session, I feel very light and confident speaking in front of a group of people. My fear has gone, and my mind is calmed and relaxes. If you want to understand yourself and make your life easy then I strongly recommended training and coaching with Respected Sir Kamran Sultan.”Shahnaz Fatima, Karachi

“One of the best institutes to learn NLP from. Sir Kamran is very thorough with his content and extremely patient with students. If you are interested in taking up NLP, this is the place to start with”Hina Bilwani, Karachi

I feel great honour to be a student of sir Kamran Sultan at The First Institute of Dynamic Learning. Learning NLP & Hypnosis from Sir is one of the best and life transforming experience of my life. I highly recommend everyone, who gets a chance to learn from Sir Kamran, must avail it.”Freeha Nisar, Islamabad

It was a great session with Sir Kamran. All the things we discussed are getting so helpful in every tough situations infact in future. Feeling soo damn light, positive & more passionate for my goals as i was distracting with stress & negativities. But Alhamdolilah now won’t be hopeless and will let negative things go. Thankyou so much mentor. Stay blessed. Would love to join your coaching course in future Insha Allah” – Kainat Gohar – Pakistan

“It’s been a very replenishing experience. Cleared mental fog. Sensing more sharper picture of life and things happening around. Jazakallah.” Moaz Athar – Lahore