Personal Breakthrough Group Coaching

“What will your life be like after you have transformed yourself from within into a person you have always wanted to be?

Get ready to be a fearless, confident, courageous person!


I am Kamran Sultan, master trainer of NLP and master hypnotist and personal breakthrough life coach in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Since 1997, I have trained and coached thousands of people from all walks of life.

On this page you will find how you can achieve personal breakthrough while working with me as your coach in a small group.

Personal breakthrough coaching is for you when…

  • You lack clarity, direction or a sense of purpose in life
  • You are going through a transitional phase in life & want to make it smooth
  • You can’t resolve own problems and want professional help
  • Your past takes a toll on you and you experience same problems again and again
  • You want to overcome challenges, get unstuck and move on
  • You want to multiply your income, but don’t know how
  • You want to take your life to the next level

This is a powerful personal change process that can help you overcome issues that may be holding you back, such as deep-rooted fears, negative self-talk, negative emotions, bad habits like procrastination, or other unconscious habitual patterns of thinking and acting.

Here are few examples… (I am changing client’s names for privacy)

Khalid, came with the complain that when he saw people spitting, he felt they are spitting on him – Unfortunately, it is a common sight in his city. He felt angry, resentful, sad because of this. It was impacting his work, his relationships and his peace of mind on daily basis. I coached him in he was free from this in a single session.

Yamin, was a chartered accountant who could masterfully explain his material to people on one to one basis, BUT when it came to group presentations, he freaked out … until we did some personal breakthrough coaching and he overcame his lifelong fear and learn public speaking skills with me. Today he conducts day long sessions with ease in his organization.

Faiza, a qualified interior designer dreaded to be in the same with a small crawling insect, called cockroach… until we did some deep inner interior designing for her and she overcame a lifelong fear. It’s been almost 15 years since and she is free from the issue.

Amina had been married in a different culture, when she came to me with severe anxiety issues. She had been taking medicines yet there was little temporary relief. We did some deep inner coaching, and in few sessions later, Amna was a different person free from anxiety. She started her business and years later she is perfectly well.

This powerful behavioral change process requires time and attention!

How much does it cost?

When you work with me individually, I charge $650 for a single 2-hour session. For personal breakthrough coaching, I ask people to sign up for at least 6 or ideally 12 weekly sessions at a time.

That’s an investment of up to $7500.

But here’s the exciting part…

I understand the importance of investing in experienced guidance for significant life changes. Therefore, I’m offering a special opportunity to join a small group coaching program at a fraction of the individual session cost.

What if you can get 12 coaching sessions, not for $650 each, or even $350, but for just $83.33 per session.

How much would you want that?

You see, your commitment to personal growth deserves the best support available, and it is here for you to grab, right now!

Here is how it works?

I coach a very small group of on Mondays and group of we meet from 10:00 🕙 am to 1:00 🕧 pm EST (USA & Canada) which is 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Pakistan time) approx. live online via zoom.

I stay online as long as all the participants get coached, so it doesn’t always end at same time. People join get coached and leave. No one has to stay the whole time.

On each of these sessions, you can bring whatever you want … be it your inspirations, your goals … your challenges at work or in your relationships … your emotional issues or your business issues … you choose and I, using my skills and over 27 years of experience, coach you. One person at a time.

Your privacy is assured!

Most of the times there are 2 or 3 people online at a time. Even if anyone wants more privacy, I put others in waiting room, so they don’t listen. In other words, there’s no privacy issue. Just let me know in advance that you want privacy.

Here’s the catch,

Since I want to give you maximum attention, I keep the group size down to six only.

Join now with 80% off:

You can sign up for Personal Breakthrough Coaching for 12 weekly sessions @ just $83.33 per session or 6 weekly sessions @ $100 per session.

That’s over 80% off!

But wait…

I coach only those people who are not committed to their own growth!

This is why YOU MUST COMMIT and sign up for at least three weeks of coaching. No exceptions for this for any reason.

As I mentioned, there are ONLY 6 spots available on first come first served basis. I do have one spot available in my both of my current groups.

Once these are taken, you will have to wait for at up to six weeks.

Are you committed? … If you are, choose 6 or 12 weeks and sign up now!

Option # 1: 12 coaching sessions PLUS 1 BONUS @$77 per session!

When you make a 12-week commitment, I will give you a One-to-One private coaching session (worth $650) absolutely FREE. This means you will get 13 powerful coaching sessions. Your investment will be less than $77 per session.

YES, I want to transform my life. I am signing up for 12-week coaching PLUS Bonus

Option # 2: 6 Session @ $100 per session!

When you sign up for six sessions, you will receive six powerful coaching session at a rate of $100 per session.

YES, I want to transform my life. I am signing up for 6-week coaching.

Option # 3: 3 Sessions @ $150 per session!

When you sign up for 3 sessions you will receive 3 powerful coaching sessions @ $150/- session.

YES, I want to transform my life. I am signing up for 3-week coaching

After you sign up, I will send you a WhatsApp message with links to join.

Don’t have a credit card?

You can pay in any branch of Meezan Bank Ltd. in Pakistan.

To get account details send me a WhatsApp message on +1(908) 500 9371 saying you want to pay for group coaching sessions.

Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & Life Coach

Bridgewater, New Jersey