How I Transformed Myself

“I was full of fears & doubts, had no self-confidence or communication skills, was living as a total failure in education, love & finances … until I transformed myself.”

Certainly ALLAH does not change our conditions, until we change ourselves first.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

May the peace and blessings of ALLAH be on you.

Kamran Sultan

Imagine a young fearful boy severely lacking confidence & communication skills, lost his father in his teens, inherited five unmarried sisters, a mother, and a rented house … a total failure in love … worked as a salesman while continuing his education BUT dropped out of MBA program while going through severe financial crunch and emotional turmoil for several years.

Well, that was me … until I transformed myself by practicing NLP™!

Take next few minutes and you will learn some powerful lessons that can transform you too!

This is my true story …

When I was only 14 I fell in love.

I didn’t have the courage to express my feelings to her BUT for next seven years she was the only thing in my mind.

My motivation & inspiration behind everything I did then.

BUT I hesitated because I feared rejection.

I wanted to impress her and to do so I thought reading is a good idea.

Over next few years, I read several hundred books on subjects ranging from astronomy, astrology, anatomy, psychology, civics, physics, palmistry, psychology, personal development, self help, mind power – you name it.

My basic education was from a government school and I could not speak English. I learned to speak English to just impress her.

Back in 1988 I lost my father, I still don’t know who paid for his funeral – I didn’t have anything.

I inherited five unmarried sisters, a mother and a rented house.

Couple of months later my professional career started in sales on commission basis.

There was a problem though…

I severely lacked self confidence, was excessively shy & was possessed by fear of rejection on top of it I didn’t have communication skills.

This means no sales & NO MONEY for first 2 months of my professional life.
BUT as always my expenses remained.

Can you imagine my frustration?

Pushed by circumstances I was forced to ACT confident and it did help.

I learned the sales pitch by heart and blotted it out to every customer verbatim – sometimes it worked and I got commissions.

Later in 1992 my one sided love story ended very painfully.

I was depressed, life became meaningless, purposeless and I lost all motivation I had.

I used to kill my time in meaningless activities and some friends.

Day by day, in every way my mental state was becoming worse & worse.
I wanted to change that.

Deep inside I firmly believed, ‘there is a solution, you just have to find it and then use it.”

In my search for solutions, I came up with an unusual idea.

In those days we used to have DOS based computers. In DOS if you wanted to delete files the command was Del *.*

I thought what if, I delete the data in my neck-top.

To cut the story short, I treated my brain like a computer and removed seven years of data using Del *.* as a command.

It took me several weeks.

BUT I literally formatted my brain to the level that after about a month, I saw that girl but I could not recognize her.

It didn’t compute!

It was my first BREAKTHROUGH.

I certainly felt much better but I still had fears & doubts about my future, I didn’t have a purpose in life, and I had some strong negative emotions.

Additionally I needed some key skills, like setting & achieving goals, communicating persuasively & influentially, skills to multiply my income and skills to live a happier & successful life.

I was still a loser in many ways, I was getting desperate.

I wanted a PERMANENT SOLUTION. I read dozens of self help books.

One day while reading a book I found something that sounded promising.

It was mentioned as a accelerated human change technology called NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP), which was developed by Richard Bandler & John Grinder.

When I found how powerful NLP™ is I was totally hooked.

By the way, NLP™ the study of subjective experience,  it is described as an attitude that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

The attitude is of INTENSE CURIOSITY – remember the feeling when you wanted to find out result of something important to you and the feelings you experience just before you know it – NLP™ is build on that attitude about life.

NLP™ answers one major question … “How successful people do what they do and how you can duplicate their results!”

I realized that’s exactly what I MUST LEARN because this SAVES TIME wasted in trial & error  and ACCELERATES YOUR GROWTH.

In those days people like you who want to learn NLP™ didn’t have the opportunity to get a GENUINE NLP™ training in Pakistan.

As always there were few so called, self acclaimed experts & gurus though.

In 1994 having ‘failed’ to pass the entrance tests repeatedly over seven times, I finally got admission in IBA city campus.

That was the beginning of a new era of continuous stress and tension.

I knew deep down that NLP™ has solutions for my problems but due to so much going in life, my interest and passion for NLP™ had subsided a bit.

It was like when you love someone but get distant from them, your love remains, but intensity diminishes.

But one day in 1995 I was sitting in IBA library, reading apsychology magazine and I saw an ad from some institute in USA.

They were offering NLP™ training from NLP™ PRACTITIONER level (Basic level), NLP™ MASTER PRACTITIONER (Advanced level) and even NLP™ Trainer’s training.

It reignited the spark. I SAW HOPE!!!

Since we didn’t have email or internet then, I wrote them a letter asking for details .

After over a month’s wait I got their reply.

I was heartbroken to learn that the investment on training was around  US $10,000 excluding travelling & living expenses.

And that ONLY IF I get a visa.

Even though I didn’t have 10 rupees in my pocket, but I did MAKE A FIRM DECISION to LEARN NLP and become a LICENSED PRACTITIONER and then MASTER PRACTITIONER OF NLP and finally a Licensed Trainer of NLP™.

I had learned if you truly want to succeed STICK TO YOUR DECISION and NEVER LOWER YOUR STANDARDS by getting attracted to cheap solutions.


I found that Dr. Bandler & his licensed trainers offer training mainly in USA, UK as well as other parts of Europe. Which meant that I needed money, a lot of money.

I began asking people to finance me.

I asked everyone I thought would have the money.

Almost everyone told me, ‘You are being foolish. It’s not a practical way to think…do your MBA, get a good job, earn money and get married and have children’.

I realized that I can not earn that kind of income in a job so I quit my full-time job and started my own institute in 1997 I called it TRANSFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES back then.

I used to teach courses on public speaking, self hypnosis etc.

Eventually in early 1998 someone agreed to give me a loan.

Can you imagine how excited I was?

I was ecstatic to say the least, it was like finding your lost love.

However, ALLAH Tallah had a different plan.

On May 28, 1998 Pakistan made a Nuclear test. All foreign currency accounts were seized – remember?

Just a week or so after that, I borrowed some money from someone to travel to Islamabad and applied for US visa.

In plain 30 seconds, I was denied the visa – I was dejected.

My dream had shattered right before my eyes.

I came back from Islamabad, and started searching for ways.

I found John LaValle who is Dr. Bandler’s partner and President of Society of NLP™ was teaching a course in Australia.

I contacted that institute in Australia and registered with them.

I applied for Australian visa and when I received their medical forms, I was FEELING CONFIDENT that I will get it.

My dream was about to happen, I was EXTREMELY EXCITED … I was EUPHORIC

But one fine day, I received a letter from Australian embassy saying that my visa had been denied.

I was devastated. 

I remember, I used to ask anyone travelling from USA or UK to bring me a book or an audio program or a video about NLP.

I had read dozens of NLP™ books, listened to many tapes, seen many videos and I could ONLY talk about NLP but if you had asked me to do it – I could not.

Through reading I developed intellectual understanding of NLP and realized that NLP™ is like swimming you can not learn it by reading, or audios or by watching videos.

“YOU MUST DO NLP™ TRAINING … with me, that was the dominating thought.

In November 1998 I got married. I was still studying in IBA, my financial crunch got severe.

I failed in the last course and was dropped from IBA, but it meant nothing for me.

I NEVER went back to IBA ever since. Never even took my transcripts.

I kept searching for a GENUINE NLP™ Training.

I had learned that there are fake NLP™ trainers, offering fake NLP™ courses around the world.

They use acronym NLP™ but when you look at their certificates it’s not Neuro-Linguistic PROGRAMMING™ but something else

One such was videos based training at practitioner, master practitioner and even trainer’s level with certification from USA.

It was cheap & fake – in every sense of the word.

Only a cheap & fake would be attracted or impressed by them, wouldn’t you agree?

My goal was to BE LICENSED by the MOST AUTHENTIC in the field co-founder of NLP™ Dr.Richard Bandler not by any nincompoop issuing certificates from USA.

In 1999, I found an institute in UK whose two trainers were recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler.

I thought if the co-founder of NLP is recommending someone to represent his life’s work they MUST BE GOOD.

I registered in their course and applied for UK visa.

I used a bit of covert hypnosis in the visa interview this time and got it.

My first NLP Trainers in 1999 Leicester, UK

In July 1999 I went to UK attended Licensed NLP™ Practitioner and Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner training programs.

I found my trainers to be excellent. I realized Dr. Bandler hadn’t recommended them for nothing.

In spite of challenges, life has been a bliss since, Alhamdulillah.

My NLP™ training was a transformational experience for me.

If I may use bullets this is what I learned in brief…

  1. Keen observation skills
  2. Empowering beliefs of successful people
  3. Setting & achieving goals with ease
  4. Skills to build strong relationships – the key to influence and persuasion
  5. How to take control of my brain
  6. Using language with awareness, elegance and precision
  7. Controlling emotional states of mind
  8. Using the unconscious processes people use to make decisions
  9. Utilizing Time Based Techniques
  10. Re-imprinting the old patterns of thinking
  11. Altered states of consciousness
  12. Many NLP™ techniques
  13. Accelerated learning skills

With practice every day I developed more and more control over my brain, increased my motivation, self-confidence, and honed skills.

I had overcame my fears & doubts, released negative emotions and learned to do the same for others.

I came back and changed the name of my institute to THE FIRST INSTITUTE OF DYNAMIC LEARNING.

I began teaching short duration courses. My journey was not complete yet. I was a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™ but I wanted to be a Licensed trainer of NLP™.

That was me with Dr. Richard Bandler in Sept. 2000

In Sept. 2000, I went to UK again and attended Licensed NLP™ trainers training with Dr. Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna (the famous stage hypnotist) & Michael Breen.

I became Pakistan’s first & only Licensed NLP™ trainer.

I was ready to teach NLP™ Practitioner & Master Practitioner courses .

In March 2001 I taught my first Licensed NLP™ Practitioner.

Since then I have taught Licensed NLP™ Practitioner course 94 times and Licensed NLP™ Master Practitioner course 38 times.

I have accumulated over 35,000 hours experience in training thousands of people, worked with thousands in corporate and public training programs as well as in 1 to 1 life coaching sessions.

I used to hear from people things like, “It’s possible in USA or UK but not in Pakistan.” I proved that wrong.

Over years I customized my NLP™ courses to match our beliefs & values. This makes practicing NLP™ so much easier.

In 2014, I went to USA to update myself with the latest developments in NLP™ and to repeat NLP™ trainers training.

When I was awarded Highest Level Certification in NLP by Dr. Richard Bandler based on my performance, in 2014 in Orlando USA

To my very pleasant surprise Dr. Richard Bandler awarded me “Licensed Master Trainer’s Certificate” which is the highest level of certification in the field.

At the end of training Dr. Bandler publicly praised me and RECOMMENDED ME.

Am I perfect or do I have perfect life?

No. I am not, and I don’t want to be perfect. Nor do I have a perfect life.

Am I learning everyday & improving?

Alhamdulillah, MOST DEFINITELY!

You see, I am an ordinary person just like you, with some extra-ordinary skills.

I have honed my skills by practicing for thousands of hours and helping people like you, who want to make a positive difference.

Let me tell you something, NLP™ training is very expensive.

Trust me.

I know that because I have paid a very heavy price … more than anyone else around.

Think about this, I have paid by given up a lucrative career as an MBA, I have paid by giving my life to acquire some very useful skills. On top of it, I have spent thousands of hours in practicing my skills.

It’d be insane to try putting any monetary value on that, isn’t it?

Like you, I have had my share of difficulties and challenges of all sorts. So will you and so will everyone else. Life is but a test.

My message to you is, NEVER LOSE HOPE. IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU!

You’re much more fortunate than I was.

Can you imagine how easy it is for people like you, who want to transform themselves & help others that I have already paved the way.

You just have to step up on to a much smoother path. You have the opportunity to learn at fraction of cost than what I had to pay.

traveled to UK and USA many times only to learn, I spent millions of rupees ONLY TO LEARN.

But if you ask me, ‘If I had the opportunity to relive my life, would I still choose to learn NLP™?”

My answer will be MOST CERTAINLY YES!

Knowing these skills are worth the price I paid and more.

One of the things I hear most as feedback from people after my NLP™ classes is, “I wish I had learned this earlier, my life could have been better”  

Most people never realize success has a recipe and you can duplicate it and save yourself from a lot of pain and accelerate your growth. I have found that… time passes whether you ACT or not. … money is used in one thing or the other BUT

Time & money you spend in your personal development is re-paid in HUGE leaps forward, with ability to handle challenges with ease, much lesser obstacles on your path, clearer vision of life  and a strong will to propel you forward

I’ve learned that one must answer few questions in life….

  • What’s the price of your suffering you are already paying?
  • Can you afford to waste your time and your life in the misery?
  • Can you afford to be left behind?
  • Does your family not deserve to have the best of you?
  • Can you afford to live with the increasing pain of regret for not acting on an opportunity to change your life for good?

You see, I didn’t have anyone who could tell me what to do but if you want to grow out of your miseries and achieve your dreams… I am the person you need.

I have walked the path you want to take and got on the other side, Alhamdulillah.

If you believe in the core of your being it’s about time you took the first step to transform yourself, I am ready to teach you how.

Even though I have moved to USA with my family, still you can learn by joining Society of NLP™ Licensed NLP™ Practitioner training  with me LIVE ONLINE.

“So what do I learn in a Licensed NLP™ Practitioner?”… You may ask.

Your Licensed NLP™ Practitioner Certification Training will be LIVE ONLINE over 21 days.

Even though it’s only just 21 sessions it’s quite an intense & powerful experience, you learn much faster than you know as many of my students say, ‘the best days you ever spend in learning how to transform your life’.

During the practitioner course I immerse you in NLP™ to the core, as you learn how to…

  • Master your emotions and run your own brain
  • Easily create instant motivation and confidence
  • Develop greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life
  • Masterfully use language to your advantage
  • Become a more powerful communication
  • Develop keen observation skills
  • Make your unconscious mind your best friend
  • Activate & align your internal resources to achieve success
  • Instantly make people like and trust you
  • Quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviors
  • Release negative emotions quickly
  • Hypnotize others
  • Overcome limiting behaviors e.g. fears, phobias
    and much more

More than 70% training is experiential with hands on exercises, demonstrations, informative discussions and little lecture.

You will be engaged in doing NLP™ from the beginning such that most of these NLP™ skills will be ingrained in you by the end of the course.

I will share with you applications of NLP™ in all areas of you life including…

  1. Business (Negotiations, Sales & Marketing)
  2. Teaching, Education & Learning
  3. Training & development
  4. Therapy & counselling
  5. Personal Development
  6. Parenting
  7. Coaching

This is THE MOST AUTHENTIC Licensed NLP™ Practitioner certification training.

Which means you will receive a certificate from Society of NLP™ (USA) and signed personally by Dr. Richard Bandler – co-founder of NLP™, John LaValle – President of Society of NLP™ & my self.

Needless to say this is the most prestigious certification in NLP™ in the world.

There’s a problem though…

Since I have given more than half of my life to learning and mastering these skills, I am selective about who I teach.

I won’t take you as a student even if you are willing to make financial investment unless you are serious about transforming your life and practicing what you will learn with me.

I keep my class size small, generally under 25. This gives you the opportunity to work on personal issues, practice sufficiently and get full attention from me.

Starting soon, I will be conducting a Society of NLP™ Licensed NLP™ Practitioner training 95th time. (That’s right I have taught this course 94 times, so far – Alhamdulillah).

It costs $1997/-

But if you want to get started right now, you can take my New NLP home study course.

This program is a recording of my 86th NLP Practitioner course.

In it you will learn everything my class students learn. You will learn at your own pace, receive a certificate of completion from The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA) and I will add you to my WhatsApp group where you can ask me any questions about your learning additionally you get to attend LIVE coaching sessions with me.

Investment just $597

For more details and to sign up now, click here

For any other information feel free to contact me on +92-300-2198031 during working hours.

Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™