Personal Breakthrough Stories of life coaching clients with Kamran Sultan

Here are few examples of coaching

To keep client’s privacy, I am changing their real names.


Saira L., a woman who struggled to say ‘NO’ and found herself overwhelmed with commitments she didn’t want to make. Through our coaching sessions, we unearthed the root of her difficulty and developed simple yet effective strategies to boost her assertiveness. Today, Sarah is a successful trainer, confidently navigating her professional and personal boundaries.


    Suleman, a skilled chartered accountant, faced crippling anxiety in board meetings despite his confidence in one-on-one settings. With targeted coaching sessions, he not only overcame his fear of public speaking but also honed his skills to become a confident presenter. Now, he passionately trains his subordinates, using his newfound confidence to inspire others.


    Beenish, a young girl once suffered from an intense phobia of snakes that threatened her relationships and well-being. Through our conversations and guided Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) processes, she conquered her fear and reclaimed control over her life. Years later, she remains free from her phobia and enjoys a fulfilling, happily married life.


     Javed was referred to me by his psychiatrist. He suffered from anxiety over people spitting on road (which is very common in his city). We had a single session. Six months later, he called me and said, I realized I have not had that problem and started wondering when it stopped. After thinking a lot, I remembered since I came to you, I have not had it.


      Amjad, who found himself trapped in a lucrative yet unfulfilling corporate job. Despite enjoying perks like a company car and international travel, he longed to pursue his passion for teaching. Through our coaching sessions, he rediscovered his sense of purpose, charted a new career path, and within a year, transitioned into full-time teaching. Today, he not only follows his heart but also earns more than he did in his previous job, proving that fulfillment and financial success can go hand in hand.

        I can give you hundreds of such examples, but I hope this gives you an idea.