Heal The Healer




Dear Coach / Therapist,

This is Kamran Sultan – Master Trainer of NLP / Hypnosis and Life Coach.

In case you landed directly on this page, I am a Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis and a Life Coach. I have been coaching and training since 1997.

Most likely, as a Coach/Therapist and people helper, you love ❤️ helping people solve their problems & overcome their challenges and achieve their goals…

I believe you, like me, feel excited, energized, blessed, and thankful when someone tells you they have benefited from your work.

YES, it’s a great feeling,


When it comes to YOU…


except perhaps a few well-intentioned people who aren’t skilled… objective… or genuinely interested in helping YOU!

I remember when some of my close friends used to make fun of me and taunt by saying, ‘go work on yourself first.’

Some people treat us as if we don’t have any problems in life; they think we have to be perfect… just because ‘you are a Coach / Therapist.’

But honestly, in a way, my friends were right too, I had issues I needed to deal with.

Even though as a Coach / Therapist you do not have to be perfect, yet you must WALK YOUR TALK!

After all, we are the ones telling people to get coaching or therapy for their issues – shouldn’t we get it too and be a role model for others?

Let’s accept the fact… me & YOU ARE JUST AS HUMAN, AS PEOPLE YOU HELP.

We also get into…

  • Financial problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Mental problems
  • Emotional problems

I recently read somewhere that 95% of Coaches fail & stop coaching within five years or less.

You know why?


they work on building skills as Coaches & Therapists BUT ignore the fact that a Coach/Therapist, i.e., you also need help!

Our lack of professional self-esteem leads to feeling like an imposter. On top of it, our close friends mock us when we start 😓. Our lack of personal self-esteem makes us feel “I’m not enough.”


Coaches / Therapists…

  • feel ashamed / insecure in asking for money for their services, and suffer financially
  • feel like imposters, thus are unable to serve people as best as they can
  • feel like the fear of being found out, even though they may brag on social media
  • keep looking for and finding excuses after excuses for not making it
  • lose motivation, lack clarity direction and drive

These are just some of the symptoms that I have seen over 27 years in the business.

And yes, I suffered from some at one time.

Alhamdulillah, I was amongst the 5% who did not quit because I worked on my issues.

But I know, the pain is REAL!

To survive, let alone thrive as a coach, you MUST work on personal issues first… It’s not an option!

You need it because you want to…

  • Remain in the field
  • Feel & BE authentic
  • Feel totally confident as a Coach/Therapist
  • Know what it feels to BE on the hot seat as a client, yourself
  • Have clarity, directions, and continuous support
  • Serve people to the best of your ability
  • Get clients & earn more money

If this makes sense to you,

I invite You to attend


Group Coaching Clinic for Coaches & Therapists Only

You’ll address your personal issues and receive my coaching and mentoring in a small group twice a month, all at a discount of nearly 90% off my usual fees.

Here’s how it works…

I coach a very small group of Coaches and Therapists on Thursdays, and a group of we meet from 5:00 🕔 pm EST (USA & Canada) approx. live online via zoom.

I stay online as long as all the participants get coached, so it doesn’t always end at the same time. People join, get coached, and leave. No one has to stay the whole time.

On each of these sessions, you bring whatever you want… be it your inspirations, your goals… your challenges at work or in your relationships… your emotional issues or your business issues… you choose, and I, using my skills and over 27 years of experience, coach you. One person at a time.

Your Privacy is assured!

Most of the times there are 2 or 3 people online at a time. Even if anyone wants more privacy, I put others in a waiting room, so they don’t listen. In other words, there’s no privacy issue. Just let me know in advance that you want privacy.

You will get my personal attention, coaching, mentoring to the best of my abilities on whatever you want.

This is a safe space for everyone to speak their hearts out.

What is your investment?

The minimum investment for my group coaching is $600. My one-to-one session costs $550 per session.

But for these sessions, your investment is just $100 per session.

Since we don’t know how many sessions you will need, you can sign up and pay on a session-to-session basis for as long as you need my help.

However, if you book 3 sessions at a time, you can SAVE $30 and pay just $270/ for 3 sessions.

How to sign up?

You can sign up by paying your fees on the link below via your credit card.

1. To sign up for 3 sessions @ $90 per session CLICK HERE

2. To sign up for 1 session @ 100 per session CLICK HERE

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to WhatsApp me at +1(908) 500-9371. Please do mention your name and let me know that you want to sign up for Heal The Healer. I will respond asap!

I look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities.

Kamran Sultan