Roots of Love – The Shadow Man – Part 5

It was mid noon I was at work busy with some stuff when I received a text message from a strange new number.

It was from a friend, from abroad. He was on a journey to a city we had been together. I was his guide then. He asked me to text me location of some places that he and I had visited in an earlier trip. It was then the “shadow man’ appeared suddenly…

“Where have you been?” I asked him

“I was always within you” He said

Somehow I knew he was. I was just too busy not going within… I forgot all about my friend’s text and my mind started rushing with questions.

“I missed you” I said

“Don’t lie to me” he reacted

“I am sorry, I am not lying BUT why do you speak with so much intensity… at times?” I was kind of confused

“Have you ever bent a steel bar or have you ever seen someone trying to bend it?” I knew he was up to something. By now I had learned to notice where he was trying to lead me…

“Yes, I have seen it done” I replied 

“Have you noticed if you try to bend it by tapping on it, it will not make any difference BUT if you give it a HARD HIT it bends… just in the same way, we humans learn some patterns of thinking & behavior, which are unconscious to us, but are limiting us in life… when I notice that someone running a harmful pattern I use the HARD HIT approach… which I know is not comfortable, BUT IT WORKS” He replied in detail

I knew what he was saying was right. I had experienced the change in me, even though I was not comfortable with his ways.

“But why do you say, I am lying to you?” I asked

“I know you did. But the way you ‘casually’ phrased it sounded NOT GENUINE. When people are NOT being GENIUNE they tend to develop a habit of speaking ‘white lies’ which is a LIE. And lies weaken ones will power and make them hollow from within and when they are hollow from within, their lives become… HOLLOW. I want you to have a FULL LIFE.” He sounded more sincere than anyone I knew. I remembered in one of our previous meetings he said, people say I LOVE U as

“Thank you, thank you very much” I replied.

“So what were your questions?”

I had already learned about types of love, I wanted to ask, “Why people fall in love? & Is all love the same?”

“I don’t know exactly why… I guess many people will have many different reasons” He continued “but I know not all love is based on the same reason. There are several.”

“Such as?” I was curious to know more

“Well some people fall in love due to proximity and physical attraction. The love that relies solely on proximity and physical attraction ends once either of the two changes. Relationships that build on this end painfully – generally more for one partner than the other.”

I was all ears and did not want to disturb him with any comment or questions, as he continued

“Sometimes people fall in love because they are attracted to someone’s intellect. Proximity plays a role in this one too, but not necessarily. e.g. students of a teacher, fans of a writer, or a celebrity may not have any proximity with them. In a couple’s scenario often, one of the partners feels insignificant especially if s/he does not have the similar level of intellect. On the other hand, the one with the intellect feels s/he is not understood and feels unlucky in love. Many times, when both are ‘intellectuals’ they have lots of healthy discussions and as well as heated arguments. If they don’t keep their egos out of their relationships – which many find very difficult, they end up living life which appears happy to the world outside and shallow to both partners. If egos inflate, this relationship also ends with lots of grudges and anger. ”

I could relate to some people who had been through that.

“Another type of love is based on spiritual attraction”

“SPIRITUAL ATTRACTION?” I had never heard of this.

“You know… we all exist at different levels. Physical, mental and spiritual. Most people do not have a balanced life. They tend to incline more to one than the other. And we fall in love due to our inclination towards one of these levels. Even though spiritual does not always mean holy but here I am referring to it only in the most positive & purest form or what is called holy.”

I knew what he meant. Spiritual does not mean holy, because in that dimension both good and bad exist. E.g. Iblees does not exist in the three dimensional world. He exists in spiritual dimensions or what people call 4th Dimension.

He continued, “The love that is developed on the basis of spiritual attraction is the purest and lasts the longest. It encompasses both previous types but is not limited to any one type. When people form a legitimate relationship based on this they keep on working for each other’s well-being & happiness as much as their own or even more, no matter what.”

“You mean, THE REAL Love” I couldn’t resist saying that.

“Yes, that’s real and pure. That’s the one that lasts… the one when one does not want anything from the other or of the other… shares everything they have and in the process each get it all. It’s a PURE WIN WIN situation”

“Wow, I want that too” I said almost unconsciously.

“Every sane person does” he replied, “It’s something that one attracts in life by continually purifying one’s heart & soul. And that’s where self-love comes again ”

It completed a loop for me, as if I have come out of trance.

I suddenly remembered the text from my friend. “Oops, it slipped my mind. He must be waiting. I started replying to his message. But in the back of my mind, something else was going on. I was beginning to love my self, REALLY LOVE MY SELF.

Soon I found my life began to take a new turn. I was more comfortable within me.

I had fewer friends but real friends and we were helping each other. I also noticed my friend’s attitude seemed to have changed. I don’t know, if they changed or it was actually me who had.

I had read somewhere, “When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change”. Perhaps it was me.

I was not perfect neither I wanted to be one. I did want to keep improving as many aspects of my being as I could.

I wanted to purify my mind, my heart & soul. I wanted to learn anger & forgiveness. These were the topics of my next meeting with him.

To be continued

Kamran Sultan

Author: Kamran

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