The Magic Formula for Success

Ever since I started my journey in personal development, I have seen people and I admit I was one of them… who are looking for a MAGIC formula for success.

I don’t know why, this is so… perhaps because humans by nature prefer ease and want ‘instant’ gratification. The major reason for sins – instant gratification

May be because, as children we heard too many stories, like Aladin & his magic lamp or Ali Baba who found the cave full of (stolen) treasures …

Just think about this…

Aladin the ‘poor’ boy … doesn’t have any skills except ‘stealing’ yet has a ‘heart of gold’ gets a ‘magic lamp’ … and genie does his work…

This is basically a lazy boy who doesn’t learn anything but wants someone else to do his work, so he can get rich quick.

How pathetic can one get?

And Ali Baba … what a  despicable character that truly is …

He is a basically a thief who finds stolen treasure and STEALS IT.

But since he is portrayed as ‘poor’ and we innocently assume, ‘poor’ means nice, kind, caring etc. etc. i.e. good man.

On top of it Ali Baba has a maid who burns and kills 40 humans, so her ‘poor’ owner can stay rich from ‘stolen’ money.

If you notice, this is quite similar to the story of a ‘beautiful’ model in Pakistan, who did money laundering for a ‘poor’ politician and saved her master from loss, doesn’t it? … This ‘beautiful’ model actually kills a lot more than just 40.

Do you think that these are heros?

I don’t think so. These are not character of a real hero.

And such characters were projected to us as ‘successful’ … innocent people.

They’re both ‘fictional’ characters yet they have lived in our innocent minds of millions as ‘innocent’ …

A lot of people, unconsciously, relate to the ‘poor’ part with themselves and the accept the idea, that when one is ‘poor’ they can steal, cheat and even kill.

These are not the only characters, fiction is filled with “Robin Hoods” … some call them ‘motivational speakers’

Most of us would not want to steal, or harm others … consciously … but unconsciously we may … because we didn’t know any better …

And with what we knew, the idea of finding “The Magic formula” seemed most attractive.

Now we know … there is no magic formula to success, happiness or prosperity.

But there is a magic spell (if you want to call it) that I can share with you. It’s time tested, has worked for millions before you all over the world for millennia.

The magic begins with … repeating 1000’s of times the following (in your own language)

  • I trust ALLAH my creator and the lord of the worlds.
  • I am willing to do whatever it takes, to succeed, without violating rights of other humans.
  • I am willing to work hard, show patience and stand up every time life knocks me down.
  • I am creative. There are plenty of ideas. Dumb people steal, copy or plagiarize but I am creative.
  • I am honest with myself and others. I give credit where it belongs.
  • I trust myself. I respect myself. I respect my family honor.
  • I love myself and accept myself as I am and I am enough.
  • I acknowledge my feeling and emotions, they show I am a human and I am alive.

Having used the magic spell, you should be ready to apply the magic formula…

Here it is …

  • Decluttering your mind
  • Have clarity of purpose
  • Plan and take action.
  • Notice your results.
  • Learn from your own & other people’s mistakes.
  • Remain flexible and keep learning
  • Be ready to experience pain, frustration, hardships and ‘failures’ from time to time
  • Develop lots of patience, courage and work really hard.

The magic isn’t out there, the magic is in YOU!

You don’t explore it through closed eyes meditation, instead you activate it by implanting in your heart seeds of faith, hope and love with an open mind.

You don’t find the magic in your subconscious mind, rather you implant it CONSCIOUSLY by reinforcing ‘positive’ thoughts EVER SINGLE DAY.

I remember, somewhere I read “The grass is not greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it”

Think about this.

All the best, always

Kamran Sultan

Master Trainer of NLP and Life Coach

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A lesson I learned from ‘Think & Grow Rich’ – by Kamran Sultan

In 1992 I was working as a sales person, selling books. I also loved reading books…lots of books.

Speaking of reading, I have seen many people who get too excited every year when they see a book fair.

They go buy 15 books (these days they post that on facebook too :-P) BUT when the next book fair comes they have not read more than 3 books cover to cover.

I have seen people building libraries with books they are still ‘planning’ to read, someday.

That’s really unfair!

I think, I was fortunate, because I did not have money to buy more than a book at a time.

I had no choice but to read & apply it before I could afford to buy my next one.

Over the years my ability to buy more books and apply them has increased too.

It’s evident that many times people fail to realize, ALLAH Tallah changes their conditions AFTER they do their part.

They want Allah Tallah to take the first step, while Allah has told them that they have to take their first step.

In my classes, I often quote the example of Marium Alah Salam the mother of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).

When she was healthy, she had fresh fruits available to her BUT when she was going through emotional pains of fearing to face people & physical pains of labor, she was told “Move the date tree and dates will fall” – the lesson … DO YOUR PART FIRST!

What & how much a person has read, can be seen – or should I say, I can see very clearly in their demeanor. A fruit bearing tree, bends.

Oh, I was telling you about Think and Grow Rich, well that was a fantastic book. It was not a book, it’s a manual to – Grow Rich!

I know many people would not agree, but they forget, you have to DO WHAT IT TEACHES.

Many times people are in search of something that can change their lives. I was too. That’s when I came across NLP™.

But  my life changed not just because I learned NLP™ … I had to APPLY what I learned. So far I have taught NLP for over 34000 hours.

I have to remind people that the basic course in NLP™ is called NLP™ Practitioner Training.

Which indicates, it is for people who LEARN NLP™ and PRACTICE IT.

That’s how YOUR LIFE and lives of those you come in contact with will CHANGE.

I often say, NLP™ is like a good quality perfume, when you wear it, not just you but everyone around you benefits.

But what I want to share with you today is a lesson I learned from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It was written in 1932, which makes it a very old book but it still is a best seller. I read somewhere that there are millions of people who became millionaires by applying lessons from this book.

This book is a gold mine of lessons, but perhaps the most profound of them is the one I want to share with you today because it is the lesson that has stayed with me to this day.

If you who have taken my training programs or coaching know through firsthand experience.

It simply is this, “Do more than you are being paid for” …. I repeat, “Do more than you are being paid for” I recently taught a Charismatic Trainer’s Certification training and I taught this lesson to my students, “DELIVER MORE THAN YOU PROMISE… IN FACT A LOT MORE” that’s my way to saying it.

I think this one reason why I still have students with me from my very first courses that I taught in 1997-98. Some of them send their children to learn from me.

I have used and refined my thinking and way to applying this lesson in  training & coaching. And since you now know it too, whatever you do consider “How you can apply it in your life?”

Let me warn you though.

There is a dangerous mentality that eats one’s chances to success like termite eats wood … from inside.

That mentality is “I work as much as I am paid”.

Get rid of it before it rids you of success you want so much.

Force yourself, if you must and DO MORE THAN YOU ARE BEING PAID FOR.

When the termite thinking of “itnay mey to itna hi hota hai” creeps on you, tell yourself, SHUT UP then DO EVEN MORE.

It won’t be easy, especially in the beginning. But if you want easy success, remember easy comes, easy goes. It’s like fast food, filling but not nourishing.

And once you’ve passed your internal barriers by doing it long enough it won’t be difficult. It will be your way to serve & grow rich.

I hope to see you someday and hear your success story of how you applied this simple lesson and has benefited from it.

All the best, always

Kamran Sultan

The First Step To Achieving Results

I don’t know any wise sensible person who says, I want to fail – literally everyone wants to succeed.
BUT why then most people don’t succeed?
While working with people since 1997 using NLP™ I have heard some very interesting stories of how people have been able to or have not been able to achieve something…
In NLP™ we study patterns or common elements of behavior. I noticed some common patterns in every success story.
Take few minutes and read them, you will find something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for success in any area of your life.
I can share with you dozens of examples where I found the common element, here are just few.
One man told me, his daughter had been engaged. The groom’s family asked for wedding date.
The problem was he did not have enough funds. So he was trying to postpone. “But they had been asking again and again, so I COMMITTED” he told me. “And then ALLAH opened ways, and everything happened well”.
He unexpectedly got some money in a deal. Someone returned his debt, which he had lost hopes of ever receiving.
Another person told me, he wanted to go for haj. He has some major injury in his lower back. He could not walk. Just the day before departure, the doctor advised him to stay home. BUT he decided to go.
He performed haj, came back and his pain increased. He was on pain killer for over a month. Then he said to himself, something like “I have had enough, no more” and COMMITTED to himself to stay drug free.
When I met him, it was several years and he was still free from drugs and pain.
A man told me he used to stay drunk, all the time. His wife was working and he was spending her money on alcohol. “One day, my daughter came and I tried to kiss her, but she pushed me away because of bad smell.”
This was the moment for him. “I was shocked, and COMMITTED to myself this will never happen again”
He stopped drinking had never had any urge since. I met him after he had been sober for over 20 years.
One person kept calling me saying, I want to join your class but I won’t get leave from work. After several calls I told him to TRUST ME, REGISTER ANYWAY and pay his fee.
He did.
Two weeks later he was sitting in my class.
I have so many such stories that I can keep going on and on. But the point I want to make here is this…
The common pattern in each of all of them is “FIRM COMMITMENT”
When you burn your ships, and leave no room to move back, miracles seem to happen.
I did that too.
I think it was Nazeer Akbadabadi who said,
Uth Bandh Kamar Kyon Darta Hai
Phir dekh Khuda Kiya Karta Hai
There’s definitely profound wisdom behind these words of Goethe, “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”
Oh, just in case you want to know what causes most failures – so you can avoid it. It’s INDECISIVENESS – this is like cancer to success.
It eats it up, before one knows it.
Indecisiveness has manifests physically and mentally.
Physically it results in low energy and mentally it results in lack of motivation, lack of sense of direction.
The cure for this is simple – MAKE A COMMITMENT and ACT ON YOUR DECISION. That’s one of the key qualities of successful people.
Even if it turned out to be an incorrect decision, you’ll learn something and be able to move on.
So my friend, the question is do just you want to be successful or ARE YOU COMMITTED?

Kamran Sultan

How To Master Your Craft

“I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks but I  fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee

I have always been a Bruce Lee fan and a martial arts enthusiast.
However my interest in it has never taken me to a level where I would want to learn martial arts.
At best, my enthusiasm has been to the level of a fan and I am perfectly well with that.
Not everything that seems attractive is worth your time, money and effort.
My other interest has been in YOU!
That’s right, you the human and why you do what you do and how to change what you may want to change easily, quickly and permanently, which happens to be domain of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis is a powerful tool to make lasting changes.
This interest spans over 30 years of learning, 21 years of teaching.
It includes over 33000 hours of teaching, and at least double that time in practicing.
This interest has kept me awake for thousands of nights, has taken me to far off lands and meet and learn from Masters of this Art.
In my early years of my professional career as a sales person I learned few things that have stayed with me over the years one of them was, “If your clients praise your skills as a sales person, you are not good enough because this means your art is visible”
As I studied with many masters I noticed those who are really, really masters are the ones who have literally given their lives to mastering a craft. The reason their art does not show is because there is none … THEY ARE THE ART!
They are relentlessly involved in
– Learning
– Practicing
– Honing their skills
I also came across some people who had bought titles and had very little skill (if at all). You know, getting a title is easy.
You join a training and you get certified BUT developing a skill takes time and mastering a skill takes life time.
Milton H. Erickson who was considered the greatest hypnotist who lived during the last century has been quoted as saying, “You’ve not mastered any skill until you’ve practiced every bit of it”
One of the themes I find fascinating in many martial arts movies is when there is a master who lives between others (who are basically armatures compared to the master) yet, master does not show his skills until needed and that’s when everyone is shocked or surprised.
Life is not a movie, but I am sure somewhere out here, there are such masters in NLP and hypnosis.
Some times people ask me how to master NLP , hypnosis and/or any other skill. I have no other answer than this LEARN, PRACTICE, LEARN, PRACTICE, LEARN, PRACTICE, LEARN, PRACTICE, LEARN, PRACTICE…
Stop wasting time for a short cut and if you master your craft PRACTICE IT and if at all that is the short cut!

The Green Square

Look at this green square … look at it closely and tell me, what do you think?

Do you notice the beautiful green color?
Do you see how perfect the square is?

Now hold that thought…

You may be wondering, “he’s gone nuts or making a serious mistake … if you give me benefit of doubt you’d say, ‘he’s making a mistake’ after all there is no GREEN and off course there’s no SQUARE.

All you can see is a PURPLE CIRCLE/Ball…

But just think through the following questions…

How do you know it’s NOT Green?
How do you know what green is or what purple is?
How do you know what a circle is?
Isn’t it true that at one time in your life you did not know any of that?
Isn’t that also true that you LEARNED it at some stage in your life?

What if you were told this color is GREEN. And this shape is called a SQUARE …. what would you be thinking when you read the first few lines above?

My friend, in just the same way, most arguments that we get into are because we tend to THINK on the basis of what we LEARNED to be true … OTHER PEOPLE LEARNED DIFFERENTLY.

It does not make them right or wrong … it makes them DIFFERENT.

Think about this… those you may consider as your ‘heroes’ are someone else villain and those you consider as villain is someone’s hero.

WHY because people learn different things, they think differently.

Think about it … Where can you use this understanding life?

Kamran Sultan

The Ignored Wisdom



It was 1989 and I was a teenager.

My father had passed away about a year ago and I had left my first job, after working for few months in sales on commission basis.

One of my elder sister was working, she used to give me Rs.100 as pocket money.

I always felt ashamed taking money from my sister, but thought I had no choice – I was wrong, I did have a choice.

Even though Rs.100 was meager amount and never enough for a teenager even back then, yet I had learned some creative ways to live with that.

I guess, when you do not have much choices, your creativity kicks in and you create solutions, what you may not otherwise. Probably this is why, many creative people have humble beginnings.

Anyway, one of those days I was passing on a street, in central city area known as Saddar, when I saw a book vendor, sitting with some books on the footpath.

There was a book with yellow and black title cover around 250 pages thick in paperback edition that caught my attention.

Title of the book was “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.

I just fell in love with it.  It was love at first sight, indeed.

It appeared slightly old, probably because of being too long under the sun on a foot path.

I checked its price and it was Rs.30/-

One of the things I have noticed is many people naively think investing time and money on learning is a bad idea.

They make lame excuses about lack of time or money when it comes to learning.

They forget to realize that, it’s not that you can not learn because you do not have money BUT  you do not have money because you did not learn.

You see it’s simple. You cannot pluck fruits from your garden unless you have planted seeds first.

Anyway, Rs.30 was HUGE amount for me … 30% of my total monthly pocket money. And I had already used most of it.

I wondered how I will live if I invest in ‘such an expensive’ book!

But when you fall in love with learning, you do not care about the consequences and my love for the book took over and I bought it.

Guess what … I was worried how I will live … I lived very happily and totally satisfied with my decision to invest in my own learning.

That was beginning for me.

Over last three decades, I have invested millions of rupees in my personal development.

I have spent thousands of hours in learning and practicing NLP, Hypnosis honing my skills as a trainer & a life coach.

Alhamdulillah I know that benefits are beyond I could have imagined.

I am not sharing this to impress you, I am sharing to impress upon you the wisdom in words,

‘Seek knowledge from cradle to grave’.

If you were my own brother or sister, I’d tell you this, “Learning is an addiction and a very useful one. Develop it. Seek company of learned people who live by what they speak & you will change your life!”

I hope you got the message

Kamran Sultan

How To Have Millions of Rupees Under Your Pillow Every Morning – Guaranteed!

In case you are intrigued by the title of my post let me quickly share something about me.

In my early 20s I was full of fears & doubts, had no self-confidence or communication skills, was living as a total failure in education, love & finances.

Now I am a Licensed Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Life Coach.

So far I have accumulated over 32000 hours experience in teaching NLP to thousands of people like you in my classes & private 1 to 1 coaching sessions. My single 90 minutes coaching session costs minimum $350/-

I know THE SECRET that I want to share with everyone who REALLY wants to learn HOW TO HAVE A MILLION OR MORE RUPEES UNDER YOUR PILLOW EVERY MORNING.

Think about this, how fantastic will it be that every morning you get up and find a million rupees or more in cash, right under your pillow?

I promise you, it is possible.


“Without telling anyone, each night as you go to sleep, place 200 currency notes of Rs.5000 each under your pillow and in the morning you will find a million rupees under your pillow – GUARANTEED!”

There’s no other formula.

The only preparatory step you need to do, before putting money under your pillow, is to develop a vision for your life, then consistently WORK HARD & EARN the amount you want under your pillow.

Unfortunately most people fail at this step.

In case you REALLY WANT TO SUCCEED and need help in this preparatory step, feel free to talk to me FREE on 1 to 1 basis. See link below to book a time for your session.

Kamran Sultan

A Difficult Choice

It was the last day of Ramadan 1996, I had about 1000 rupees in my pocket.

In those days learning NLP was the most dominant thought I had.

I went to a book store and saw a book about NLP, it was for Rs. 750/-

I wanted to give eidi’s to my sisters & nephews, I had no other funds available.

I decided to not buy the book.

Feeling desperate, I went home, thinking about that book the whole time.

I told my younger sister about it and how ‘expensive’ it was.

She said, “Bhiya, go back and buy that book. You can give us Eidi later”

I did.

And many years later, I had earned at least 3 million rupees by applying what I had learned from ‘just one chapter’ of that book.

And yes, my sisters & nephews got their Eidi’s much more than I could have thought at that time.

Most people remain poor because they want free knowledge but paid entertainment.

They keep re-implanting thought seeds that they can not invest to gain ‘knowledge’ BUT for entertainment – they’ll beg, borrow or steal.

They want to download free books, BUT buy movie tickets in cash.

Then they feel no motivation to read the free downloaded book or to apply the knowledge within it and wonder why life didn’t get better.

The best these people do in life is copy pasting.

They don’t get any results and rarely rise high in life .

“Bad Luck” is the excuse or better yet,۔۔۔ بندش ہے ۔۔۔ “Magic” and I say, عقل پر بندش “Magic on Wisdom”

I have learned, that if you are serious about shaping your life as you want it, there is no short cut.

You have to work, you have to plant the seeds before you can reap the fruits.

You have to pay the price first.

You have to take a chance or the ‘Bundish on Aqal” will leave you in regrets.

To open your mind, learn NLP … join my upcoming  training.

Kamran Sultan

The Painful Truth – A fable

Once Ibn-e-adam and his wife were sitting under the shade of a tree.
Unknown to them above them was a bee hive. Ibn-e-Adam yawned without keeping his hand on his mouth.
Just then a bee got into his mouth and stung his tongue. Before he realized, his tongue was swollen.
Do you have any idea … what it is like to be stung by a bee and that too on your tongue?
Ibn e Adam remembered his mother always told him to keep his hand on his mouth as he yawns … he had learned the lesson but in a painful way.  He went to the doctor and got proper treatment.
Soon his pain was gone, sting was healed … BUT … Every now and then his tongue got swollen.
He went to several doctors and after many tests they all said the same thing, “There’s nothing wrong with you”
One of his friends suggested him to see the Master Hypnotist.
After his own search, Ibn-e-Adam decided to see The Master Hypnotist.
He took an appointment and went with his wife, to meet The Master Hypnotist.
After hearing the whole story and taking necessary information the Master Hypnotist put Ibn-e-Adam into a a very profound trance … by the way, I don’t know if you know what it means to be in trance, but I am sure you know the state you experience just before you enter sleep, it’s like when you are not awake anymore and you are not sleeping either … like when you are focused on something so much so that you don’t notice much of what’s going on around … sometimes it happens while you are reading something that interests you or intrigues you to the level that you get deeply involved in it… or the state you experience just before you get up, when you are not awake and not sleeping … that’s a state of trance.
So as Kamran guided him in to a profound trance, he said, “I am going to offer you some instructions in written form… via email … that you will read on your computer screen or your mobile or your ipad … or even printed paper and when you do, my suggestions will be stored in your unconscious mind … where they will remain operative … just for the rest of your life”
Ibn-e-Adam’s wife was curious what those suggestions are.
She wanted to know, but the hypnotist finished the session and send them back.
Upon reaching home, Ibn-e-Adam received the instructions, they were simple … en CAPSsulating the TRUTH
Ibn-e-Adam laughed and thought the hypnotist does not know what he was talking about.
That night they went for shopping and while seeing some items, they habitually tried to negotiate by saying, “The shop next to you is given it much cheaper” suddenly he felt a sting on his tongue and it began to swell.
Suddenly he remembered hypnotists suggestions and said, “I am sorry, I made a mistake. Your item seems a bit out of my range, can you offer a better price”
Almost instantly his pain disappeared and his tongue felt perfectly well. And Shop keeper gladly reduced prices too.
Next day he reached his office a bit late. His boss asked the reason and Ibn-e-Adam said, “O there was too much traffic”
Just then he felt the sting again. It was more painful than before.
He remembered the solution and said, “But I think more than traffic, I left late and so I got late. I am sorry and I will ensure that I leave early enough to reach on time.”
And almost as if by some magical powers his tongue felt perfect again; boss just smiled and said nothing.
Soon Ibn-e-Adam could not speak a single lie, all he spoke was truth. No twists… just simple plain truth.
He could feel a lot of peace inside. He thought, if hypnosis can do such wonders for me, why not my wife too.
He called Kamran Sultan and asked if his wife can also have a similar session.
They did.
And they lived truthfully ever after 🙂
Amazing isn’t it?
Kamran Sultan – Licensed Master Trainer of NLP

I Am The DOT – Can you compare yourself to me?

I am The DOT (.) and this is my story.
I am known by many nick names… like point, Period, full-stop.
You may ask what’s the point in telling a story about a dot, after all it’s only a (.) dot, very insignificant full-stop.
I’d say you have a point there… but this is because you’ve no idea who I am.
I would love to paint a picture to show you a point by point explanation about telling my story BUT I want to hit the dot and tell you what you may need to hear and that’s more important, period.
Like you, I am into me.
Like yourself, my world is within me and around me and to those who know me, I am not so insignificant.
Do you get my point?
Like you, I think I am the beginning of it all.
Everything starts with me and ends on me… so if you think I am insignificant… what are you in the universe???
For some you are as insignificant as a dot, period!
And there was a time in your life when you were as insignificant as a dot, or should I say you were not even as significant as a dot … even to those who consider you as most significant.
I hope I am making my point clear.
So you see in our own world you & I are quite significant as I said everything begins with me and ends on me and everything in between is nothing but lots of connected dots, each playing its role wherever it is placed.
My moto is ‘Connect the dots, Connect the dots’
Actually I am quite significant in your life, I think.
You may have used dot matrix printers… before you write you begin with me… you end each sentence on me… if you miss me or place me in the wrong location people won’t understand point of your communication.
I am in every language, every culture, I was there when you weren’t and I will be there after you are gone.
When I am alone, I can make a full circle … when I am with another dot we make a line.
But you humans… when you are alone you don’t know what to do and when you are two you argue … even though there is no point in arguing and after a while everyone forgets the real point of argument.
I am me when I am free and I remain a dot in a company but you human???? Well you won’t like to hear what is true.
In Urdu you can’t afford to misplace me because I can make Khuda (خدا) … Juda (جدا)
I control your financial lives too.
If you move me to left I will reduce your income and savings at least by ten times and if you use me right I will multiply your income and savings at least by ten times.
If you place me wrongly… in an email address… your message will not reach.
If you miss me in a web address you will never reach where you wanted to go.
You see I am single, BUT I can make HUGE difference in the world… and I know it.
I know my value and my values.
I do not need anyone’s approval to make me be who I know I am… how about you?
– Can you feel significant without others telling you?
– Do you know your value?
– Are you aware of your values?
– Do you have to tell people directly or indirectly ‘how great you are’ to feel important?
– Can you feel happy without anyone else approving of your actions?
– Can you look into your own eyes and say to yourself with total sincerity, “I love you” “I accept you as you are” and be totally comfortable inside?
If you think you can’t make a difference in the world because you are alone, admit here right now that you are not even equal to a dot.
I hope you got the point in why you should know the story of a dot.
Connect the dots, connect the dots…
I am The DOT (Designer of Transformation)