Develop Your Mind Power … BUT

Over 2 decades ago , in early 1990’s … I used to be a member of a ‘self improvement’ club where I learned about ‘mind power’ stuff.
Some people had impressive mind power skills. They used to talk about other than 3 dimensions. 
I was young and curious, I wanted to learn.
To my shock and surprise, I noticed that most people in the ‘club’ had quite a negative attitude in many ways.
They were intrinsically negative.  Back biting other ‘members’ was one of their favorite activities. I found they were all disciples of the same guru.  
Even though I was young but smart enough to realize that THE KIND OF COMPANY YOU MOVE WITH IS THE KIND OF PERSON YOU’LL BECOME.
So I decided to part from that club and those people.
I kept wondering, why people with fine knowledge & skills were negative.
Years later I found, what I believe is the answer.
If one’s unconscious mind is programmed with negativity (scarcity based mindset), developing mind power will create a powerfully negative person.
This makes one’s live a living hell.
I believe it’s utmost important that you have your mind set to be positive (abundance based mindset) then when you have the skills your life will be a full of bliss – a living miracle.
Got it?


Kamran Sultan

Author: Kamran

I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a Life Coach as well as a Master Hypnotist. You will find all about me on my website. Check it out!

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