I Am The DOT – Can you compare yourself to me?

I am The DOT (.) and this is my story.
I am known by many nick names… like point, Period, full-stop.
You may ask what’s the point in telling a story about a dot, after all it’s only a (.) dot, very insignificant full-stop.
I’d say you have a point there… but this is because you’ve no idea who I am.
I would love to paint a picture to show you a point by point explanation about telling my story BUT I want to hit the dot and tell you what you may need to hear and that’s more important, period.
Like you, I am into me.
Like yourself, my world is within me and around me and to those who know me, I am not so insignificant.
Do you get my point?
Like you, I think I am the beginning of it all.
Everything starts with me and ends on me… so if you think I am insignificant… what are you in the universe???
For some you are as insignificant as a dot, period!
And there was a time in your life when you were as insignificant as a dot, or should I say you were not even as significant as a dot … even to those who consider you as most significant.
I hope I am making my point clear.
So you see in our own world you & I are quite significant as I said everything begins with me and ends on me and everything in between is nothing but lots of connected dots, each playing its role wherever it is placed.
My moto is ‘Connect the dots, Connect the dots’
Actually I am quite significant in your life, I think.
You may have used dot matrix printers… before you write you begin with me… you end each sentence on me… if you miss me or place me in the wrong location people won’t understand point of your communication.
I am in every language, every culture, I was there when you weren’t and I will be there after you are gone.
When I am alone, I can make a full circle … when I am with another dot we make a line.
But you humans… when you are alone you don’t know what to do and when you are two you argue … even though there is no point in arguing and after a while everyone forgets the real point of argument.
I am me when I am free and I remain a dot in a company but you human???? Well you won’t like to hear what is true.
In Urdu you can’t afford to misplace me because I can make Khuda (خدا) … Juda (جدا)
I control your financial lives too.
If you move me to left I will reduce your income and savings at least by ten times and if you use me right I will multiply your income and savings at least by ten times.
If you place me wrongly… in an email address… your message will not reach.
If you miss me in a web address you will never reach where you wanted to go.
You see I am single, BUT I can make HUGE difference in the world… and I know it.
I know my value and my values.
I do not need anyone’s approval to make me be who I know I am… how about you?
– Can you feel significant without others telling you?
– Do you know your value?
– Are you aware of your values?
– Do you have to tell people directly or indirectly ‘how great you are’ to feel important?
– Can you feel happy without anyone else approving of your actions?
– Can you look into your own eyes and say to yourself with total sincerity, “I love you” “I accept you as you are” and be totally comfortable inside?
If you think you can’t make a difference in the world because you are alone, admit here right now that you are not even equal to a dot.
I hope you got the point in why you should know the story of a dot.
Connect the dots, connect the dots…
I am The DOT (Designer of Transformation)

Author: Kamran

I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a Life Coach as well as a Master Hypnotist. You will find all about me on my website. Check it out! www.kamransultan.com

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