The First Step To Achieving Results

I don’t know any wise sensible person who says, I want to fail – literally everyone wants to succeed.
BUT why then most people don’t succeed?
While working with people since 1997 using NLP™ I have heard some very interesting stories of how people have been able to or have not been able to achieve something…
In NLP™ we study patterns or common elements of behavior. I noticed some common patterns in every success story.
Take few minutes and read them, you will find something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for success in any area of your life.
I can share with you dozens of examples where I found the common element, here are just few.
One man told me, his daughter had been engaged. The groom’s family asked for wedding date.
The problem was he did not have enough funds. So he was trying to postpone. “But they had been asking again and again, so I COMMITTED” he told me. “And then ALLAH opened ways, and everything happened well”.
He unexpectedly got some money in a deal. Someone returned his debt, which he had lost hopes of ever receiving.
Another person told me, he wanted to go for haj. He has some major injury in his lower back. He could not walk. Just the day before departure, the doctor advised him to stay home. BUT he decided to go.
He performed haj, came back and his pain increased. He was on pain killer for over a month. Then he said to himself, something like “I have had enough, no more” and COMMITTED to himself to stay drug free.
When I met him, it was several years and he was still free from drugs and pain.
A man told me he used to stay drunk, all the time. His wife was working and he was spending her money on alcohol. “One day, my daughter came and I tried to kiss her, but she pushed me away because of bad smell.”
This was the moment for him. “I was shocked, and COMMITTED to myself this will never happen again”
He stopped drinking had never had any urge since. I met him after he had been sober for over 20 years.
One person kept calling me saying, I want to join your class but I won’t get leave from work. After several calls I told him to TRUST ME, REGISTER ANYWAY and pay his fee.
He did.
Two weeks later he was sitting in my class.
I have so many such stories that I can keep going on and on. But the point I want to make here is this…
The common pattern in each of all of them is “FIRM COMMITMENT”
When you burn your ships, and leave no room to move back, miracles seem to happen.
I did that too.
I think it was Nazeer Akbadabadi who said,
Uth Bandh Kamar Kyon Darta Hai
Phir dekh Khuda Kiya Karta Hai
There’s definitely profound wisdom behind these words of Goethe, “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”
Oh, just in case you want to know what causes most failures – so you can avoid it. It’s INDECISIVENESS – this is like cancer to success.
It eats it up, before one knows it.
Indecisiveness has manifests physically and mentally.
Physically it results in low energy and mentally it results in lack of motivation, lack of sense of direction.
The cure for this is simple – MAKE A COMMITMENT and ACT ON YOUR DECISION. That’s one of the key qualities of successful people.
Even if it turned out to be an incorrect decision, you’ll learn something and be able to move on.
So my friend, the question is do just you want to be successful or ARE YOU COMMITTED?

Kamran Sultan

Author: Kamran

I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a Life Coach as well as a Master Hypnotist. You will find all about me on my website. Check it out!

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