A lesson I learned from ‘Think & Grow Rich’ – by Kamran Sultan

In 1992 I was working as a sales person, selling books. I also loved reading books…lots of books.

Speaking of reading, I have seen many people who get too excited every year when they see a book fair.

They go buy 15 books (these days they post that on facebook too :-P) BUT when the next book fair comes they have not read more than 3 books cover to cover.

I have seen people building libraries with books they are still ‘planning’ to read, someday.

That’s really unfair!

I think, I was fortunate, because I did not have money to buy more than a book at a time.

I had no choice but to read & apply it before I could afford to buy my next one.

Over the years my ability to buy more books and apply them has increased too.

It’s evident that many times people fail to realize, ALLAH Tallah changes their conditions AFTER they do their part.

They want Allah Tallah to take the first step, while Allah has told them that they have to take their first step.

In my classes, I often quote the example of Marium Alah Salam the mother of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him).

When she was healthy, she had fresh fruits available to her BUT when she was going through emotional pains of fearing to face people & physical pains of labor, she was told “Move the date tree and dates will fall” – the lesson … DO YOUR PART FIRST!

What & how much a person has read, can be seen – or should I say, I can see very clearly in their demeanor. A fruit bearing tree, bends.

Oh, I was telling you about Think and Grow Rich, well that was a fantastic book. It was not a book, it’s a manual to – Grow Rich!

I know many people would not agree, but they forget, you have to DO WHAT IT TEACHES.

Many times people are in search of something that can change their lives. I was too. That’s when I came across NLP™.

But  my life changed not just because I learned NLP™ … I had to APPLY what I learned. So far I have taught NLP for over 34000 hours.

I have to remind people that the basic course in NLP™ is called NLP™ Practitioner Training.

Which indicates, it is for people who LEARN NLP™ and PRACTICE IT.

That’s how YOUR LIFE and lives of those you come in contact with will CHANGE.

I often say, NLP™ is like a good quality perfume, when you wear it, not just you but everyone around you benefits.

But what I want to share with you today is a lesson I learned from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

It was written in 1932, which makes it a very old book but it still is a best seller. I read somewhere that there are millions of people who became millionaires by applying lessons from this book.

This book is a gold mine of lessons, but perhaps the most profound of them is the one I want to share with you today because it is the lesson that has stayed with me to this day.

If you who have taken my training programs or coaching know through firsthand experience.

It simply is this, “Do more than you are being paid for” …. I repeat, “Do more than you are being paid for” I recently taught a Charismatic Trainer’s Certification training and I taught this lesson to my students, “DELIVER MORE THAN YOU PROMISE… IN FACT A LOT MORE” that’s my way to saying it.

I think this one reason why I still have students with me from my very first courses that I taught in 1997-98. Some of them send their children to learn from me.

I have used and refined my thinking and way to applying this lesson in  training & coaching. And since you now know it too, whatever you do consider “How you can apply it in your life?”

Let me warn you though.

There is a dangerous mentality that eats one’s chances to success like termite eats wood … from inside.

That mentality is “I work as much as I am paid”.

Get rid of it before it rids you of success you want so much.

Force yourself, if you must and DO MORE THAN YOU ARE BEING PAID FOR.

When the termite thinking of “itnay mey to itna hi hota hai” creeps on you, tell yourself, SHUT UP then DO EVEN MORE.

It won’t be easy, especially in the beginning. But if you want easy success, remember easy comes, easy goes. It’s like fast food, filling but not nourishing.

And once you’ve passed your internal barriers by doing it long enough it won’t be difficult. It will be your way to serve & grow rich.

I hope to see you someday and hear your success story of how you applied this simple lesson and has benefited from it.

All the best, always

Kamran Sultan

Author: Kamran

I am a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP, a Life Coach as well as a Master Hypnotist. You will find all about me on my website. Check it out! www.kamransultan.com

6 thoughts on “A lesson I learned from ‘Think & Grow Rich’ – by Kamran Sultan”

  1. I will apply this principle like other principles you taught us. I have read the book several times. But the way you tell us to apply this worked at unconscious level. Great way to teach. Thanks

  2. Absolutely correct, revived great practical and professional lesson leading toward mastery in individualized field of interest. May Allah Swt grant u the best. I must add my vision here; Allah helps those who helps themselves.

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