The Magic Formula for Success

Ever since I started my journey in personal development, I have seen people and I admit I was one of them… who are looking for a MAGIC formula for success.

I don’t know why, this is so… perhaps because humans by nature prefer ease and want ‘instant’ gratification. The major reason for sins – instant gratification

May be because, as children we heard too many stories, like Aladin & his magic lamp or Ali Baba who found the cave full of (stolen) treasures …

Just think about this…

Aladin the ‘poor’ boy … doesn’t have any skills except ‘stealing’ yet has a ‘heart of gold’ gets a ‘magic lamp’ … and genie does his work…

This is basically a lazy boy who doesn’t learn anything but wants someone else to do his work, so he can get rich quick.

How pathetic can one get?

And Ali Baba … what a  despicable character that truly is …

He is a basically a thief who finds stolen treasure and STEALS IT.

But since he is portrayed as ‘poor’ and we innocently assume, ‘poor’ means nice, kind, caring etc. etc. i.e. good man.

On top of it Ali Baba has a maid who burns and kills 40 humans, so her ‘poor’ owner can stay rich from ‘stolen’ money.

If you notice, this is quite similar to the story of a ‘beautiful’ model in Pakistan, who did money laundering for a ‘poor’ politician and saved her master from loss, doesn’t it? … This ‘beautiful’ model actually kills a lot more than just 40.

Do you think that these are heros?

I don’t think so. These are not character of a real hero.

And such characters were projected to us as ‘successful’ … innocent people.

They’re both ‘fictional’ characters yet they have lived in our innocent minds of millions as ‘innocent’ …

A lot of people, unconsciously, relate to the ‘poor’ part with themselves and the accept the idea, that when one is ‘poor’ they can steal, cheat and even kill.

These are not the only characters, fiction is filled with “Robin Hoods” … some call them ‘motivational speakers’

Most of us would not want to steal, or harm others … consciously … but unconsciously we may … because we didn’t know any better …

And with what we knew, the idea of finding “The Magic formula” seemed most attractive.

Now we know … there is no magic formula to success, happiness or prosperity.

But there is a magic spell (if you want to call it) that I can share with you. It’s time tested, has worked for millions before you all over the world for millennia.

The magic begins with … repeating 1000’s of times the following (in your own language)

  • I trust ALLAH my creator and the lord of the worlds.
  • I am willing to do whatever it takes, to succeed, without violating rights of other humans.
  • I am willing to work hard, show patience and stand up every time life knocks me down.
  • I am creative. There are plenty of ideas. Dumb people steal, copy or plagiarize but I am creative.
  • I am honest with myself and others. I give credit where it belongs.
  • I trust myself. I respect myself. I respect my family honor.
  • I love myself and accept myself as I am and I am enough.
  • I acknowledge my feeling and emotions, they show I am a human and I am alive.

Having used the magic spell, you should be ready to apply the magic formula…

Here it is …

  • Decluttering your mind
  • Have clarity of purpose
  • Plan and take action.
  • Notice your results.
  • Learn from your own & other people’s mistakes.
  • Remain flexible and keep learning
  • Be ready to experience pain, frustration, hardships and ‘failures’ from time to time
  • Develop lots of patience, courage and work really hard.

The magic isn’t out there, the magic is in YOU!

You don’t explore it through closed eyes meditation, instead you activate it by implanting in your heart seeds of faith, hope and love with an open mind.

You don’t find the magic in your subconscious mind, rather you implant it CONSCIOUSLY by reinforcing ‘positive’ thoughts EVER SINGLE DAY.

I remember, somewhere I read “The grass is not greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it”

Think about this.

All the best, always

Kamran Sultan

Master Trainer of NLP and Life Coach

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Author: Kamran

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